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Steelwork Fixings

Type GC Girder Clamp


Girder Clamps can be used to connect to a UKB, UKC, UKPFC or UKA or any combination of them as well as other types and sizes of structural sections including those with tapered flanges; they can also be used to suit any angular displacement between the sections, however acute, as well as variations in height.

Type A Recessed


Steelwork clamp with recessed top to hold the bolt head captive whilst the nut is tightened. The skirt prevents the clamp rotating during installation. Suitable for flanges up to 8°.

Cavity Fixings

Type HB Hollo-Bolt


Suitable for hollow sections, tubes and where access is available from one side only. For corrosion protection the Hollo-Bolt® comes with additional JS500 protection as standard or hot dip galvanised. Sizes M16 and M20 have a patented collapse mechanism for optimised clamping force. Speedy installation with standard tools.

Type Countersunk Hollo-Bolt


The ''Countersunk Head'' version of the Hollo-Bolt is suitable for hollow sections or conventional steelwork where access is available from one side only. It also ensures that the fixing protrusion from the steelwork is kept to a minimum whilst still using a plain drilled hole in the supporting section and the outer plate / bracket. Installation with standard tools is quick and simple and the final arrangement is neat and unobstrusive.

Decking Fixings

Supported Profiles


img decking fixings are designed in conjunction with the various decking manufacturers to ensure they fulfil the necessary requirements from ease of installation to static load. All fixings are designed to fit inside the dovetail shaped re-entrant channel which is common throughout all major profiles and allows a secure point from which building services can be suspended.

Type AW Alphawedge


The Alphawedge is designed for Ribdeck AL, E60 and 80 profiles manufactured by Richard Lees Steel Decking.

Type TR60


The TR60 is designed for TR60 and 80 profiles manufactured by Structural Metal Decks.

Support Fixings

Type F3


A two part flange clamp with large clamping range. The bolt can be substituted with either drop rod or J bolts. For parallel flanges only.

Type FL


Beam Clamp suitable for use with parallel or tapered flange beams, supplied with the back hole drilled or tapped. The type FL uses a grade 8.8 cup point setscrew for secure grip. Supplied with square or alternatively hexagon head setscrews. Can be used with type SW – Swivel Unit when connecting to inclined sections.

Floor Fixings

Type 1055


img's R&D Department designed the Type 1055 specifically for Amec on behalf of Shell UK Exploration and Production, operating in the UK sector of the North Sea for Shell and Esso. The bespoke fixing enables solid plate flooring to be fitted to open-mesh or open-grid flooring using simple hand tools.

Type FF Floorfast


The product consists of a malleable iron body casting with a countersunk socket screw; the eccentric stepped web of the casting allows it to lock under the steelwork providing full face contact when torque is applied. For thicker flanges packing pieces will be supplied. Lloyds' Register Type Approval covers clamping force and vibration.

Rail Fixings

Type BR Rail Clip


Versatile clamp for steel beams or rail. The skirt prevents the clamp rotating during installation. The BR tail spans slotted holes. Suitable for flanges up to 8°.

Type HD Rail Clip


The rail clamps Type img HD facilitate precise alignment of the rails by allowing a high degree of stepless lateral adjustability. Technical Data - Suitable for all rails with tapered flanges and crane speeds of up to 60m/min. For wheel loads above 400kN or lateral loads higher than wheel loads please contact NCM.