Channel Fixings

Dawson Channel Socket

A unique tool which fits standard 1/2″ drive ratchet handles

Available in:
17mm a/f – 41 x 41mm (Channel / Strut)

19mm a/f (3/4″) – 41 x 41mm (Channel / Strut)

17mm a/f – 41 x 21mm (Channel / Strut)

17mm a/f – 83/62 x 41mm (Channel / Strut)

19mm a/f (3/4″) – 83/62 x 41mm (Channel / Strut)


• Save up to a third on material costs & half on labour It enables you to fix slotted channel direct to walls, floors & soffits/ceilings without the use of brackets. Lack of brackets allow unlimited access to the channel.
• Reduce fixing time It also improves safety compared with tools that are not specifically designed for the task.
• Improve the quality of fixing Because it fits 1/2″ drive ratchet handles it allows a quick and accurate torque set ensuring high quality workmanship.

• Max Recommended Torque 30Nm