Cable Basket


Our Unistrut Wire Cable Tray range is straightforward and easy to select which makes it easy to identify the elements you’ll need for your installation. You can choose from a versatile range of sizes and accessory options to meet your project needs.

With a range of duty options from light to Extra heavy, the range easily adapts to meet the system load requirements and through the use of simple cut-out patterns, the straights can be transformed into a wide number of bends and rises meeting the angles and distances you need.

Quality, durability and reliability

We work hard to ensure our products offer unrivalled quality and durability in real world conditions. Like the rest of our product range, the Unistrut Cable Wire Cable Tray system is designed to be quick and simple to assemble, providing real time saving as well as remaining a reliable product throughout its natural life cycle.

Wire Cable Basket

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